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Run for our Children 5k Run Club



In today's society the role of a father has been downplayed and for some it is disregarded in the family structure. Subsequently, single parenting is not an easy task, especially when it boils down to financial hardships. 


As single parents, regardless of the difficult relationships that may make matters worse, our goal is to endure a positive relationship with our children.

No matter how hard things are, find a way to adapt and overcome. This 5k run was inspired by understanding that we are not alone and no matter what challenge may come, we can come together to go above and beyond to overcome! It is time for single parents to stand together for a common cause. In this case we will run together to show our children that we are here for them. 


To help this cause, we've decided to collaborate with a non-profit organization, "Mind of a Growing Woman IB". This organization main focus is providing support to single parent household in need. (Donate Here).

Funds raised from our Virtual Run will be invested into our youths in local/urban communities.



Location: This 5k virtual walk can be completed in your neighborhood, on your favorite running trail, at the park, or even on the treadmill.


1. HOW DOES THE MOTHER'S DAY 5K WORK? It's simple! You and your family take a walk together during the Thanksgiving weekend. You can amp up your walk and make it hype by ordering the official t-shirt if you would like, but it's not required.

2. WHEN DOES THE MOTHER'S DAY 5K HAPPEN? Mother's Day weekend! Most people plan their weekend to spend time with their families, so this mother's day we want our mothers to feel special as they are. So what better way than to spend time walking together. All weekend long families will be using #RFOCMothers and #MD5K when posting. 

3. WHERE DOES THE MOTHER'S DAY 5k HAPPEN? Wherever you are! These are neighborhood walks. Some folks circle the block, some folks like to head to a local park. There is no central gathering place. These are family-organized and led walks. 

4. WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE MOTHER'S DAY 5K? Anyone! This is a family affair and all of our families look different and live in different places. You can invite whoever you would like. You can organize virtually or in person. Family is what you make it! 

5. DOES IT COST? No. All you have to do is lace up, walk and enjoy. You can buy official  shirts and gear but this is more about the spirit of the walk than it is about the swag. 

6. BUT I WANT GEAR! WHERE DO I GET IT? Once you have officially registered for the race, you will receive a confirmation email with a code that will allow you to order the shirts at

7. HOW DO I GET OTHERS INVOLVED? Tell everyone you know to host a Mother's Day 5K Walk! Use #RFOCMothers and #MD5K to post on your social media and let folks know you're in. Forward this page and tell everyone you know to host their own. It's going to be an epic and historic event! 

8. WHERE CAN I GET ALL THIS INFO IN ONE PLACE? Head over to today! You can sign up, get your race kits, and more! 

9. Can I share photos (selfie/groupies) of my family participating?

Absolutely! Please feel free to tag them on our Instagram page ( and tag us with #Run4OurChildren  #RFOC #MD5k

STEP 1: Register For The Walk

Make it official and sign up to host a walk for your family by registering here.

STEP 2: Rally Your Family

Spread the word and begin gathering your Black Family 5K crew! Use this invite to help you get the word out.

STEP 3: Get Your Gear

Before you hit the streets, make sure to purchase your t-shirt and more!

STEP 4: Mark Your Calendars & Get Ready

Save the date: May 7th is game time. 


Get Your Special Edition Race Kit

Get your special edition Mother's Day 5k gear. After registration, get your family t-shirts, medals and an official race banner. Orders must be placed by 04/20/202 to arrive by the event date.


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