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  • About Chosen Veterans Enterprise
    After serving 3 tours in Iraq and living in Japan for 2 years, Dwayne T. Philibert decided to form a Chosen Veterans Enterprise purely helping Veterans and most currently civilians with getting their feet off the ground by proactively helping them with their startup business with advertising and marketing, photography/videography. With the help of his partner, Clavia L. Allen they both are servant leaders and helping build their community through various services is a passion they both share. The seed was then sown for a publishing business, where they both share their creative side through publications (e-books and paperback, blogs and newsletters). Chosen Veterans Enterprise prides itself on being proactive in their local community, including volunteering at The Fleet Reservist of Seminole County and are active members with the NAACP. They hope to do more in other underserved areas, not for recognition, but to give back, especially to Veterans.
  • Who is Chosen Veterans Enterprise?
    Chosen Veterans Enterprise is a Veteran Owned Small business. We serve Veterans and most currently civilians who of low-income families, single parents and small business CEOs with getting their feet off the ground by proactively helping them with their needs.
  • Where is Chosen Veterans Enterprise located?
    Chosen Veterans Enterprise is currently a home/remote based business located in Sanford, Florida.
  • Is Chosen Veterans Enterprise black owned?
    Yes! We identify as a black owned company. However, we cater to everyone's needs. Our owners are both of Caribbean decent representing Jamaica and Trinidad, West Indies.
  • What are your photography prices?
    Please visit our Photography page for more detailed information. Or contact as us to speak with one our representative at 407-545-8908
  • What type of classes does Dance With The Father offer?
    Praise/Liturgical dance, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Tap, Afro dance, and Dance Workout (Zumba coming soon).
  • Do you offer Virtual Classes for the Conceal Carry Course?
    Yes, we will begin Virtual classes in March, 2022.
  • If I have a complaint how soon should I expect a response?
    If you have a compaint, reponses shoud take no more than 48 hours. We are a small business trying to satisfy each customer. If you have a complaint or inquiry please do not hesitate to send us an email to
  • Does your company accept volunteers?
    Yes. If you would like to volunteer, please contact for more information.
  • How can we order from your clothing brand?
    Please visit for your fashion needs.
  • How can we order from your jewelry line? is where all your beaded jewelry needs can be met. SHOP NOW!
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